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Office & In-door Area Security

Appropriate types of camera used for this application should be those that can capture good-quality video in low-light environment while the lightings in most areas are shut down. Besides, analytic functionalities such as motion detection, restricted-area monitoring, etc., with automatic alarm capability will be useful in this application.

Outdoor Area Security

Durable outdoor-type cameras, that can resist high-temperature and water, are typical for this application. The Cameras should be able to capture good-quality video both day-time and night-time. And there are many analytic functionalities that can be applied to detect various types of intrusions, and integrated with other security systems, such as alarms, door locks, etc.

IP-Camera systems can also be applied for many purposes, many processes and many areas in manufacturing environment. Especially for dangerous areas in which human cannot access, cameras can be used to monitor events, results or activities inside those areas instead of human. Durable, High-quality cameras are normally required for this type of application to ensure continuous operation with minimal down-time.





Production Line

Fixed-lens cameras are typically used to continuously monitor overall processes from high positions, and Pan-Tilt-Zoon (PTZ) cameras are used to focus on specific area in case of abnormal events. Equipped with analytic functions, IP-Camera system can help increasing the productivity in the manufacturing processes.


Depending on the types of materials or goods kept inside the warehouse, resolution and view-angle are major factors for the selection of cameras. Additional analytic functionalities, such as direction detection, heat map analysis, vehicle or human flow analysis, can also be applied to help improving the efficiency of stock-in and stock-out processes.

Traffic Control Systems

IP-Camera system is an important part of the overall traffic monitoring and control system, the additional traffic analytic functionality is very useful to help identifying abnormal events, accidents, or illegal activities such as over-speed limit, parking in restricted areas, etc. Our team has experience in implementing IP-Camera systems for this application; we can recommend appropriate components and additional analytic functions to fit your requirements.




License Plate Recognition (LPR)

With LPR software, a vehicle license plate-number can be correctly identified and automatically recorded into database. And then, the recorded data can be easily found based on date, time, plate-number, etc., and summary report, together with captured license plate image, can be easily generated. Besides, alarm signals can be generated based on the comparison results between the real-time recorded data can be compared with the pre-defined data such as black-list, warning-list, etc., and sent to responsible persons or related systems for further actions.


IP-Camera or Network Camera is the newer generation of the old analog CCTV camera, it integrate digital camera function and computer function into a single unit. Images or videos are captured onto the camera’s image sensor, sent to its CPU for further processes, and then sent over network to the central video management software or to storage for recording.

Typically, an IP-Camera has the following characteristics

  • High image quality and resolution
  • Can be powered via PoE LAN switch, and has I/O terminal for integration with other systems
  • Having removable media slot for local recoding
  • Equipped with automatic alarm functionality
  • Image or Video from the camera can be view lively via web browser

Basically, IP-Cameras can be classified as Indoor and Outdoor. Outdoor-type cameras are normally more durable, which are suitable for harsh environment. Besides, IP-Cameras can also be further classified as follows:

Fixed Camera

This is the most common type of camera used today, the camera is equipped with a fixed-type lens, which results a fixed view angle. When installed outdoor, housing is normally required for this type of camera to protect it from water and dust.


Fixed Bullet Camera

This is a special type of fixed camera, in which housing is integrated with the camera unit. Compared with the normal type of fixed camera, the fixed bullet camera is easier to install, so it is becoming more popular for outdoor implementation.

Fixed Dome Camera

This is another type of fixed camera with half-dome housing; it can be used indoor, which is normally installed onto the ceiling. And it can also be used outdoor, which is installed on a pole. Since this type of housing covers the whole camera and its lens, so it can protect the camera from damage and change of view angle.

PTZ Camera

This type of camera, sometimes called speed-dome camera, is equipped with a zoom-type lens and also equipped with a mechanism that allows the camera to Pan and Tilt, so the view-angle can be flexibly adjusted to a specific area of focus. Since the camera’s view angle can be programmed to automatically adjust to the pre-defined values, it can be used for overall area monitoring application.

Thermal  Camera

A major functionality of this type of camera is to translate the heat, which is generated from objects in captured video, to temperature-informative video in which its colors are related to temperature ranges. This type of camera can be applied to prevent many kinds of events or activities such as fire protection, sick-person quarantine, etc.


Comparison of Images from Normal camera and Thermal camera

VMS is software used to record videos from IP-Cameras into server and storage, and manage the recorded video files for further actions and analysis, or integration with other systems.

Main Functionalities of Video Management Software (VMS)

VMS can set the parameters such as resolution, frame per second, stored duration, etc. for each camera recording.  Cameras can be grouped to get the same setting policy based on locations, camera-types, etc.  Besides, the levels of access and process the recorded videos can be set for different groups of people, based on their authorities.  VMS can also be integrated with other physical security systems such invasion alarms, door locks, etc. 

Compared with NVR, VMS has more benefits

Network Video Recorder (NVR) is also widely used to record videos from IP-Cameras, although it is normally cheaper, but its functionality is limit and not as flexible as that of VMS based system.  Besides VMS can support more types and brands of IP-Cameras, servers and storages, so it is easier to expand and upgrade IP-Camera system in multi-brands environment.

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